Rasberry Vegan Crumble Cake

What is better than cake? A vegan version in my opinion always taste just slightly better.

We have been cake fans for a long time, i thought that the second we went vegan and stared eating plant based we would never eat cake again, but i was ofcourse very wrong!

So here is my rasberry vegan crumble cake, you can use any berry that you would like, i just find that the rasberry gives a little contrast to the sweetnes of the crumble cake with that mild sour egde.


100g vegan butter, (room temperature)

100g sugar,

Drizzel of salt

1 / 2TS orange peel

1/2 TS vanilla

250 g flour

2TS baking powder

10g soy flour and stir with 125ml almond milk into a batter and pour the batter into a greased dish

fruit layer

get around 350gr of raspberries in the sieve drain ekstra juices if its from a can, if not spread on the dough evenly.

crumble mixture

100 gr flour

45 gr of cane sugar

45g brown sugar

75g vegan butter

1/2 TS vanilla

Drizzel of salt

knead the dough until its crumble dough, then sprinkle and spread over the rasberry layer, bake at 190 degrees for about 45 min and tadaaaa🎉 it’s cake time!


Published by Nadine

Hei! My name is Nadine i am 21 years old I am going to share plant-based recipes that my husband and i Enjoy. I want to inspire more plant-based options that are both healthy and cruelty free.

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