Good Morning smoothie

Our breakfast routine has pretty much been the same since we went vegan, but lately i have changed it up a little bit.

A smoothie or smoothie bowl can be a conveniet option if you are always on the go, for me it is a perfect option since i usually walk to work.

It is so easy to make, and it really gives you the boost that you need in the morning. Also if you have fruit or greens that are going bad, Throw it in the freezer and later pop it in the blender for a delicious smoothie , It can be very no waste friendly

bugdet friendly

Many people who think about going vegan or want to make more plant based meals are nervous about the prices of vegan food. People have the impression that the food bugdet will double, that is not true IF you do some research. Buy a couple of frozen berry and fruit mixes and some greens, and there you go, a great healthy breakfast.


200gr of fresh strawberries

50gr of blueberries (frozen optional)

2 cup of almond milk

1 medium sized mango

200gr of fresh pinapple

1 ripe banana

Blend these ingridients together and pour it into a mason jar or a bowl, top it of with some fresh berries and enjoy!


Published by Nadine

Hei! My name is Nadine i am 21 years old I am going to share plant-based recipes that my husband and i Enjoy. I want to inspire more plant-based options that are both healthy and cruelty free.

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