Vegan on a bugdet, tips from a munchie vegan!

The key to eating vegan on a budget is simple: eat whole foods that are in season, cook at home when you can, take the time for a little bit of planning.

When we first went vegan, we did not have a big food bugdet. I did a lot of research to make shopping, cheaper and more health concious as possible. Living in Norway it is known among us locals that food is exspensive! So i made it my mission, to be healthy and buget friendly. I have made mistakes, and now i can share some of my tips and tricks to save time and money!

Plan meals in advance

If you go in to a shop with no plan, especially as a newbie vegan, you will be side tracked! Trust me on this, i made this mistake and bought way to much stuff ,that did not go togheter into a good meal! Pintrest is one of the best places to find recipes and make a grocery list.

Asian supermarkets

Asian shops have cheaper prices and more vegan friendly products. They have the key ingridients (rice, tofu, quinoa, vegtabels)

No vegan “super foods”

That’s where the myth that eating plant-based is expensive comes from, but you don’t need those things. Please none of these so called super foods, i mean if you have the cash then go ahead and get them all, but i made this mistake.

I bought all of these dried out berries and shakes and fake meats, it cost alot,and it is not always the tastiest things i have had. It can discourige you from the plant based lifestyle,and it truly can taste so good if you just get the right products.

Use the seasons

The price of a produce depense on the season, if berries are in season go nuts they are way cheaper and it taste so amazing when they are fresh, also if they grow in the erea where you life, go and pick them yourself! You can freeze what you don’t use right away to throw into smoothies, muffins or crumbles throughout the year, or make jamAutumn is the season of the roots you can make so many amazing things with patatoes, carrots , sweetpotato ect.


Published by Nadine

Hei! My name is Nadine i am 21 years old I am going to share plant-based recipes that my husband and i Enjoy. I want to inspire more plant-based options that are both healthy and cruelty free.

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